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Dental Services

Dental Veneers

Not everyone is born with a beautiful smile. However, you can achieve a movie star smile without removing painful tooth structure by placing a contact-lens-thin porcelain facing on top of your tooth creating a revitalized smile.


Tooth Whitening


We perform top of the line in office and take-home tooth whitening to remove stain and bring out a whiter smile.




It is no longer necessary to wear metal on your tooth to make them straight. Thanks to new clear aligner technology your teeth can be moved in a matter of months to achieve a perfect smile. Dr. Moldavsky has completed hundreds of hours of training to get you that perfect smile.


Dental Fillings


Our office used modern tooth colored restorations to remove decay bacteria from your teeth and restore dental cavities with top of the line material that match the color of your teeth. 


Dental Implants


Dr. Moldavsky did a full one-year additional residency to get certified to place and restore Dental Implants at UMDNJ by Board Certified surgeons and dental Implantologists.  




We offer a wide variety of complete and partial removable dentures ranging from all metal to flexible nonmetallic dentures.


Fixed Dental Bridge


At our office modern techniques can be used to replace your missing teeth with a non-removable option when implants cannot be placed.


Oral Surgery


Dr. Moldavsky completed a one year post graduate residency at UMDNJ-University Hospital where he received advanced training in tooth removal and restoration.


Periodontal Care


Taking good care of your gums and your bone is our primary concern. 


Dental Crowns


Our office specializes in Porcelain Fused to Gold and Non metallic Zorconia and Bruxer crowns to restore broken, weak or cracked teeth. 


Preventative Oral Hygiene


Our office staff is highly trained to provide you with the most comfortable and efficient cleaning. We teach proper cleaning and flossing techniques to make sure your smile stays beautiful and healthy.


Root Canal Treatment


We use the most modern equipment including rotary files and digital tip of the tooth measurement to reduce the need for X-rays to treat the canals of your teeth.  


TMJ/TMD Treatment


We work in conjunction with Physical Therapists to provide you with relief from jaw pain. We also use appliance therapy when necessary to prevent damage to your teeth and allow for a good night’s rest from grinding and clenching.




We have in office Nitrous Oxide and use medication when needed to relieve anxiety for fearful patients. Our goal is to make your dental visit as pleasant and painless as possible.

Sleep Therapy

We use Appliance therapy to relieve your snoring and treat mild sleep Apnea  

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