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Q: How often should I come in for a dental check up?

A: In our office we recommend getting a dental check and cleaning every 6 months. Patients who have gum disease should get a dental cleaning every 3 moths.


Q: How long does dental anesthesia lasts?

A: Anesthesia on the top teeth usually lasts 1-2 hours. Anastasia on lower teeth can last up to 5 hours. 


Q: How long does it take for an extraction site to heal?

A: On average, it can take up to 6 weeks for an extraction cite to heal. 


Q: How soon can dental implant be placed after tooth has been extracted?

A: If the extraction site was restored with a bone graft, it takes up to 4 months for the area to properly heal before a dental implant can be placed. 


Q: How soon can dental Implant be restored?

A: Dr. Moldavsky usually recommends to wait 6 moths. 


Q: How soon can I eat after dental injection?

A: Dr. Moldavsky recommends to wait until the numbness wears off 


Q: What dental insurances do you take?

A: We accept most PPO Dental insurances. We also accept Aetna Better Health plan. 


Q: Do patients without insurance get discount?

A: In our dental office patients without dental insurance get 20% discount 


Q: Does Dr. Moldavsky do Botox/Dermo Fillers

A: Dr. Moldavsky has been certified to perform Botox injections and Dermo fillers. 

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